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Welcome to the world of Nia! And welcome to the joy and pleasure of using sensory awareness to tap into your mind-body potential in all aspects of life!

Over the years, we've learned more and more about the Mind-Body connection and the interconnectedness of life. Many studies - from the fields of health and psychology, to studies on the somatic effects of prayer - have shown that our thoughts have a profound influence on our actions.

Now we know that, acting mindfully, with intent, we can change, not only habitual, negative ways of thinking, but the way our bodies function and feel as well. Studies have shown that neuromuscular networking, for example, is affected (and changes at the physiological level) by either positive or negative thought patterns. Imagine that! Transformations at the physical level may be accompanied by changes in our mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies, and vice versa. Such multidimensional changes often bring yet more changes. We may even expand our sense of what is possible!

Mind-Body movement taps in on these connections. Furthered by the use of music, imagery, and mind-ful intent, Mind-Body movement can create both magic and positive transformation in our lives and is now being used in psychotherapy and physical therapy in both the wellness and fitness industries.

One powerful movement and personal growth practice that embodies this integrative Mind-Body approach is the Nia Technique.

Denise Medved is also the Creator and Founder of Ageless Grace® - 21 Simple Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease® -- a seated movement program based on the science of neuroplastiicy and the re-opening and creation of neural pathways between the body and brain for maximum youthful functionality. It is organic, spontaneous, profoundly beneficial and FUN! Designed for baby boomers, seniors — and kids! - it address all 21 primary aging factors in the body and all five areas of the brain. For more information please visit .